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Learning with us is easy and fun

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The Italian Ski School of Campitello, in all these years of activity has been able to develop their offerings to meet the needs of all fans whether they are beginners or advanced. The available teachers are able to respond to various needs thanks to their sympathy and communicability. The great passion for skiing and the mountain that they have amicably will be broadcast during the lessons. All this assures us that your homecoming will be accompanied by a good memory of the ski school and the certainty of having left in Campitello "to a friend master".


By |November 29th, 2016|Categories: News-en, Proposals|

Per SCIARE dentro la STORIA delle DOLOMITI Patrimonio UNESCO e portarvi a conoscere il passato di luoghi unici . L’inverno 2015/16 porta con sé molte novità non solo in fatto di nuovi impianti nell’area sciistica compresa tra la Val di Fassa e Falcade, passando per il Passo San Pellegrino. Infatti ben sei Scuole Sci, cinque della Val di Fassa (Moena, Vigo, Pozza, Campitello e Canazei) insieme alla Scuola Sci Equipe di Falcade, si sono unite idealmente intorno all’area sciabile delle Dolomiti Patrimonio UNESCO e hanno creato una proposta davvero nuova ed avvincente pensata per sciatori già mediamente capaci e soprattutto

New mom & Snow

By |November 29th, 2016|Categories: News-en, Proposals|

All March 30% discount. Also returning this year the initiative New mom & Snow ... an interesting proposal dedicated to new mothers! Being with children is fun, they always teach us something new and are ready to learn eager to do so, it is also nice to think of the mothers who may have abandoned skiing or snowboarding to devote himself to them! The initiative is an opportunity to start over, or maybe even to start from scratch together with your children, #scuolascicampitello offers throughout the month of March to those who book a collective training course for children the